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new resort in Northern Canada ! :banana: :banana: :banana:
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looks fantastic!
^^ what's the name of the place you went to Imre were you go theses pics
This one looks really good and what "the world" should be like
Yes, it is very nice indeed, just that Gulf waters are greenesh in colour and not crystal blue as in the first render.
are we going to have 300 different threads for the world for individual projects?
^^ It'll be much less, there'll be lots of multi-island projects. I say we make threads for them
Courtesy Brian McMorrow

This is the stuff dreams are made of hopefully it'll look as good as the model and renders
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so is it a hotel? (resort) or can you buy these houses?

If so, whats the price?
Like the idea any idea on price / completion ?
hope that its a hotel :D better revenue on the long run :p annnd more places for tourists to enjoy Dubai from a different angel
The renders are AMAZING

The models are beautiful, the renders are the stuff dreams are made of: you're all absolutely right. Betcha 50 dirhams the real thing will look nothing like the models/renders.

Here's a prediction:

First, the project will be delayed. Then it will be delayed again. Then it will be delayed again. Then it will be announced that it's not going to be delayed, after all. Then it will be delayed. Rinse and repeat.

After a time, a new model will come out that will be decidedly less ambitious and less cool-looking. Then the project will be delayed another three or four times (this is a conservative estimate, keep in mind), and when the final product arrives we'll all be surprised that:

1) It's not as gorgeous as we'd anticipated.
2) The water colour is off.
3) The water near the shore is too shallow, to the point that it looks like you can walk to the next island without getting wet.
4) Getting there is a pain in the arse - not in a way that maintains exclusivity, but in a way that deters people from visiting at all.
5) It's overpriced.
6) It's not attracting as many tourists as we'd thought.

Guess what? The developer still makes off with millions.

Just my modest predictions; nothing fancy here.
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How the hell is this supposed to look like Northern Canada?
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