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One of u caught my grandpa!!

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ok so after getting it confirmed by my mom and my brother, I can tell u guys that someone (whoever took this picture) caught my grandpa (circled in red).
he's a 87 year old man who to this day walks EVERYWHERE and among his walks are two daily trips to the beach where he walks the entire length of manara and rawche, then up the AUB steps, through hamra, and back to his house (verdun).

It's funny, because a few years ago my brother ran across of picture online which we later found to be of our cousins ALSO walkin in the same area :D (cant find the pic now, but ill keep looking)

the reason im tellin u this is to thank whoever took the picture because it was the first time that my mom had seen her dad in years and it brought her to tears. so thank u :D
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how exactly did u know it was ur grandpa? You know they all look alike. I think I see a leg missing, is that how you guys found out it was ur grandpa?
lol no missing leg ... the hat and the walk (hands behind his back ALWAYS looking down) and a few other things that sounded kinda stupid when my mom said em.
I said the same thing u did and I argued with them but they both agree that its him! the reason I posted is cuz my mom asked me to thank whoever it was that put the pic up (hey if it makes her happy, then so b it)
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Oh well we're glad to help. Poor guy I hope he has a cane walking with one foot.
that is funny! Lebanon is a very small place, I always look for the faces of people I know in your pics...
It's really a small world isnt it?

God bless your grandfather for being able to walk so much at his age!
It was me who posted this pic:Di posted it in lebanon nature about beaches in lebanon.and that was for ramlet l baida.taken by my cousin who now lives in bristol,uk.i'm glad we made u guys happy.:)
how weird...but cool at the same time. tell you mom hi from us!!!
Wow, talk about a coincidence!!
LOL that is amazing.

I wish him good health and many years to come (until 120 like we say).
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