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I love the pubs, especially with a roaring fire and some little bleating-no-more lamb for Sunday lunch, and the lull of intelligent conversation mixed with an ironic and sometimes outrageous sense of humour that peppers every contribution. And what a choice, from indie mosh holes in London to ye olde country taverne to the surfers drinking holes by the beach, and sometimes all 3 in one. Beware tho' the chain pubs full of right wing tossers: Yates. Firkin. O'Neills, you know who you are.

I hate the sensationalist tabloids undermining the economy and eroding the cultural traditions of tolernace and just getting on with it, without the passive aggression, pent up outrage and rose tinted glasses for a past that never existed (and a new life in Spain). Also the fact they glorify reams and reams of print to the trashy, vacuous cult of celebrity like that is the be all and end all aspiration to modern British life, the orange Versace clad WAG.

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Most like?


-How vast and varied it is, yet it holds together despite the political differences that have been going on strong since before the Revolution. Also its tradition of peaceful transitions of power.

I also like the USA's amazing ability to assimilate immigrants.

Most dislike?

-I'd have to say its over-the-top attitude regarding vices. For example, the *ONLY* countries on the planet that are more ape-sh** about beverage alcohol than the USA (ie, our paranoid view of those under 21 YO having a sip of beer or wine) are ALL in the Islamic World.

-Also its irrational opposition to such things as metric measures (the USA is the only country left on the planet where fuel is not priced in liters and one of the last to have non-metric highway signs, etc), dropping low value banknotes for high-value coins, etc.


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I'm a dual-citizen of the US and Somalia. So, I'll do both.

United States

The American dream of working hard to be successful.
For the most part, people are pretty nice and friendly here.
Immigration is not only welcomed, but needed.

Crap government, state and federal.
The US dollar is too weak.
Housing boom (2001-06) made it harder to buy a home.
Weather nationwide has been crappy as of late (flood, wildfires, tornados)


History (Pre-colonization)
The landscape (desert, mountains, farmland, forest, beach)
Nice and courteous to tourists.
VERY cheap to buy land, good business opportunity
Overall, a very underrated and misunderstood nation.

The South (Mogadishu) continues to burn as it did for 16 years
Politics nationwide are abysmal
Gap between rich and poor is too high.
Continues to see it's destiny run by outsiders.
Economic growth is uneven.

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The Netherlands:

I hate it that there are no mountains in The Netherlands. I love rude landscapers. :evil:

I like it that there are no mountains in The Netherlands. It's so flat almost everywhere, so it's easy to cycle around. ;)

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+interesting strange villages
+SOME nice people
+SOME very nice weather
+amazing sand on the HUGE beaches
+quite good shops and cafes

-stressed out workaholics
-the weird 'anti young people'(hates everyone under 50)
-boring weather(nothing really extreme, just drizzle, cloud or mild heat)
-people smoking to look cool
-rough inner city places where they're not poor but just lazy

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I love the music, movies, just the 'american culture'. The cities basically everything lol.

I hate: the lingering racism(dont want to point fingers but most of it is in the southern states), and i hate the super conservative christians that try to impose their beliefs on everyone and like make people in school learn about how god created the world in 7 days as an alternative to evolution etc(i have no problems with 'christians' since i am catholic myself just the ones that want to impose their views on everyone). I also hate how many americans are kind of ignorant about the world(but to the US defense the US has some of the most brightest people in the world and great universities:) but alot are really ignorant about the world.)

My Heart is with Beijing.
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Positive: Rich History, Culture, diversified landscape and industrious people.
Negative: Not free enough.
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