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Before you start a new thread, please look through the threads in this list to make sure a thread on that topic doesn't already exist.

If you're engaging in, or starting, a thread which you feel should be one of these ongoing, topical threads, please make a note in this thread that you would like it to be added to the list.

Please don't construe this to mean that new threads are being discouraged; if there is a subject or news item you feel doesn't fit anywhere else, or is of special importance, feel free to start a new thread. However, there has become quite a bit of overlap in some threads, and sometimes people do not bother to look back through old threads to see if something has already been discussed. So, I think it would be helpful to have this handy-dandy reference at the top of this section. Personally, I sometimes find it useful to stumble across an article in an old post that I probably would have missed had I not happened to be browsing through a long, ongoing thread.

Topics are arranged alphabetically. I'm not going to get them done all at once, for a while this list is going to be incomplete.


-- 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
-- Advanced Aerospace Technology News
-- Advanced Automotive Development Thread
-- Agriculture News and Discussion
-- Artificial Intelligence
-- Asteroids - news and discussions
-- Astrophotography
-- Biotechnology news (non-medical)
-- Brain and Neuroscience - News and Discussions
-- COMPUTER News | Computing power - Processors, Graphics, Future technologies etc.
-- Conservation, Reintroduction and Rewilding Efforts
-- Cosmology and Astrophysics Thread
-- Cyborg/Bionics News and Discussion
-- Data Science/Data Analysis
-- Drone Development and News
-- Electric Car Revolution
-- Energy & Environmental News and Discussions
-- Evolution - News, Research and Viewpoints
-- Factories of the Future
-- Fictional Architecture
-- Fusion Energy
-- Futurology Discussion
-- Gadgets & Tech - news, reviews and chatter
-- Geology news and discussion
-- Human origins
-- Hyperloop thread
-- Internet technology news thread
-- Laplets, Laptops, Phablets, Smartphones, and Tablets: Discussion, News, and More
-- Longevity: Extending Human Life
-- Mapping Services, Maps, and Virual Globes: Discussion, News, and More
-- MARS ONE - Making a Mars settlement a reality!
-- Medical Breakthroughs News and Discussions
-- Military tech news and discussions
-- THE MOON | Calling out the lunar republic
-- Nanotechnology News & Discussions
-- Paleontology Thread
-- Photography, video and cameras thread
-- Quantum Society
-- Reforestation and forestation of deserts
-- Renewable Energy Thread
-- Revival of Extinct Animals
-- Robotics: Today & Tomorrow
-- Science fiction movies/TV shows/documentaries/books
-- The Singularity
-- Space Exploration Thread
-- Spaceship and Rocket Design
-- Sunspots and Sunspot Cycles
-- Technology Business Thread
-- Transhumans and Transhumanism
-- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
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