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This is the R5.2 billion upgrade being carried out at the OR Tambo international airport in preparation of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

1. Central Terminal Building (R2 billion)

The Central Terminal Building (CTB) construction is the largest single project ACSA has ever embarked upon. Construction is progressing well and once complete, it will provide the required international terminal capacity in terms of holding lounges, airside commercial areas and boarding gates. In addition, four 90m baggage carousels will be up and running for the massive new generation aircraft such as the A380.

Undoubtedly, this development will help ensure that ORTIA is fully prepared for the 2010 World Cup. The CTB will comprise a multi-level terminal building located between the international and domestic terminals. In line with existing airport flow, departures activity will predominantly be on the upper level with arrivals activity on the ground level. Mezzanines will be developed for commercial activities along with basements for services and baggage handling. The Gautrain Station and the rail line will be elevated above the airport precinct (over the upper roadway system), It will be directly connected to the CTB and will therefore enjoy all the amenities offered within the CTB and the other terminal buildings. Scheduled completion date: Late 2009.

2. International Pier (535 million)

Holding lounges, airside commercial areas and boarding gates will facilitate international travellers and expand the departures and arrivals areas of the international terminal considerably. The existing Duty Free mall is also due to expand into this area. The pier development will allow for a substantial increase in the number of passengers boarding and disembarking through connecting stands (air bridges). As a result, improved passenger service will help airline operators improve their turnaround times.

What does the International Pier Project entail exactly? Construction of an extension to the pier building together with associated infrastructure to the north and east of existing international terminals. What will the pier consist of? A double level structure, with connection to the same operational levels as the terminal building – arrival and departure levels respectively. The existing bus station serving departures to remotely parked aircraft will be redeveloped in close integration with the pier. Scheduled completion: Early 2008.

3. Echo Apron (R219 million)

Airside capacity will increase as a result of the additional aircraft stands. The expansion of apron areas (parking bays) will be complimented by the International Pier, and development will accommodate nine contact stands in the form of air bridges linking terminals and aircraft directly. Four of these stands will accommodate an A380, the largest aircraft ever manufactured, and will be equipped with dual air bridges to load and offload passengers to upper and lower levels (2 decks make up the A380) of the aircraft at the same time. For passengers who need to be bussed from the aircraft, two remote stands are being developed. One new taxiway will be developed and another will be reconfigured to serve the upgraded apron. The number of aircraft stands on the Bravo and Delta aprons will change slightly to provide for better traffic flows and increased spatial requirements for A380 type aircraft. Taxiway shoulders, service roads, ramp handling equipment parking areas, fuel, storm water drainage and water and electricity are other services that are also being upgraded.

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4. Terminal A Departures Upgrade and Relocation of Upper Roadway (R76 million)

The new upper roadway system that is currently underway at ORTIA, in order to make way for a new concourse on the International Departures level in the International Departures Terminal building.

The completion of the new upper roadway system project is the first phase in the Terminal A Departures Upgrade (TADU) project. This will make way for the second phase of the project which will entail the development of the new spacious public concourse at International Departures. The new upper roadway system which is being built to direct traffic around the existing covered roadway system, also acts as the current International Departures drop-off zone.

The new upper roadway system is expected to be completed by February 2007. This will leave the road clear for the start of development on the new public concourse which is expected to get underway thereafter. The new development will allow for the creation of a new wider concourse, which will include additional retail space and increased passenger counter space, which will allow ACSA to reconfigure counters to airlines. The essence of this development is to allow for a much larger public circulation space. Also important, is that the increased space will translate into increased capacity for the processing of passengers.

The additional retail space will essentially accommodate food and beverage vendors, as well as news agents and sweet shops. The development also includes an open deck area that will enable visitors and passengers to relax. Scheduled completion: Late 2007.

5. Multi Storey Parkade (R470 million)

The new MSP2 comprises the provision of 5200 parking bays . In addition to the welcome added capacity, the new parkade will boast some great facilities, including:

Pay on foot - an automated payment system that will accept all major credit cards in addition to cash. Visitors will be able to pay using their credit cards at the exit booms. In addition, debit cards will be accepted at ACSA parking offices.

The improvements will also offer a simpler solution to customers that arrive at the exit boom only to find they have forgotten to pay for their parking. In such an instance, the customer would simply insert the parking ticket, followed by a credit card. Once the direct debt is recorded, the credit card is returned, followed by a card shaped receipt. The boom will open as the receipt is removed.

License Plate Recognition System - As a vehicle enters one of the airport parking areas, the LPR system captures an image of the vehicle and driver, automatically recording the registration number of the vehicle on the parking ticket.

When the driver has paid for the parking and inserts the exit ticket at the boom, the system automatically reconciles the registration number on the ticket, with the registration number of the exiting vehicle. The boom will only open if the number on the ticket corresponds with the registration number of the ticket.

The system will shut down a potential exit strategy for car thieves and will be also a useful customer service tool. With just a registration number, parking authorities will be able to identify the date and time at which the parking area was accessed, as well as the level at which the client entered. This would also be most useful in helping drivers allocate “lost” vehicles when they forget to note their colour-coded parking level.

Inter-floor Connectivity - the parkade will boast full internal connectivity, with people able to access any floor once within the parkade. Connectivity to existing parkade - drivers will be able to access the existing Multi Storey Parkade (MSP) from floors 2, 3 and 4 of the new parkade.

Scheduled completion: First phase to be completed during the first quarter of 2007 (initial offering of about 1000 parking bays). Final completion is scheduled for late 2008.

6. Absa International Trade Bureau (AITB)

The Absa International Trade Bureau (AITB), officially opened on 15 February 2007, is the new trade centre that was opened at O. R. Tambo International Airport (ORTIA) by the International Trade Bureau (ITB). Located directly across from the International Arrivals Hall at ORTIA, the facility spans 2 200 m2 and is able to accommodate permanent exhibition space for 122 of South Africa’s premier exporters. In addition to the ground floor space available for export companies to promote their goods and services, the mezzanine level provides office space for South African local, regional and national trade promotion agencies, as well as meeting rooms for visitors to the trade centre and a training facility.

Besides housing a permanent exhibition, the trade centre affords visitors and exhibitors access to several other useful amenities, including a business information library, a bookstore with African trade resources, refreshment areas, and a special “trade event-of-the-month” display area highlighting the leading industry trade shows in South Africa for a particular month.

The AITB management team is marketing the centre within ORTIA, through domestic and international carriers’ in-flight magazines, and by facilitating linkages with other “trade marts” in the U.S., Europe and Asia. This also includes coordinating inward buyer programmes and taking “ITB Pavilions” abroad to major international industry trade shows.


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Thanks for the photos!
This is a sorely needed project. The airport is confusing to first-time visitors who need to transfer between terminals (and run the gauntlet of 'helpers' who will gladly show you the way for just R10 or more :lol:).

But even worse than confusing, it's crowded. The domestic terminal is fine, but the international terminal has been desperately short of check-in and departure space for as long as I can remember. These additions will be very useful.

I'm glad to see so much progress on the Central Terminal Building. In August when I saw it, it was just a large hole in the ground. The Y-shaped pillars look interesting...I'm anxious to see the roof they'll support.

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Great photos kulani!

PS-I think ORTAMBO-JIA-JANSMUTS airport must be the most confusing airport in the world! I get lost even tho im a joburger! :dizzy:
Oh its not that bad! Ha ha... But it changes a lot all the time. I used to work there for 2.5 years until 2004, and it has changed so much again...

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Midfield terminal

Just read the Sunday Times and saw an tender advert from ACSA requesting consultants to assist with the planning, designing and integration of the proposed midfield terminal for the period 2007 - 2013. Looks like the development of the airport is going continue after 2010. Wonder if it will incorporate the proposed 3rd runway too. Anyway they better keep some things in mind - like access to the Gautrain. Also wonder if the new Durban airport will ever get to its 8M throughput p.a. if both ACSA and the airlines keep the hub-and-spoke system alive.

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Hi Everyone!

Nice page. I was wondering if anybody has any information about the O.R Tambo airport upgrades that was announced in May. This was the long term plans up to 2022, I have a few details.

The plans include: un upgrade of the airport to handel 55 million passengers a year. This includes the new center terminal, new runway(part of it will be suspended over Great north road and atlas road), extension of the old runways, the movement of the main entrance to the N12 and the buy out of 3500 properties including the Denel property.

I was wondering if anybody have any more info on this.

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Could only find this in afrikaans.

Beeld 19-05-2007

Schalk Mouton
Die sowat 1 500 gesinne van Bonaero Park in Kempton Park aan die Oos-Rand wie se huise uitgekoop gaan word om vir ’n nuwe aanloopbaan vir die O.R. Tambo-lughawe plek te maak, kan vir eers ontspan aangesien dié transaksies glo eers in 2015 gaan plaasvind.
Dít blyk uit die finale planne van die voorgestelde ontwikkeling wat in April aan die Ekurhuleni-metroraad voorgelê is.
Volgens uittreksels van dié planne, wat in Beeld se besit is, gaan die grootste gedeeltes van Bonaero Park, insluitend uitbreidings twee en drie, asook die Caro Nome-landbouhoewe vir die ontwikkeling moet plek maak.
Die grootste gedeelte van dié areas sal platgevee word om ’n nuwe aanloopbaan te bou, terwyl dele van Witkoppierif en Impala Park in die slag gaan bly wanneer ’n pad vanaf die nuwe Rondebultweg-ingang om die oostelike aanloopbane, gebou gaan word.
Ander areas soos Atlasville in Boksburg en Glen Marais in Kempton Park sal onregstreeks geraak word.
Atlasville lê aan die afvoerstroom van die lughawe se stormwater, terwyl Glen Marais in die nuwe verre-oostelike aanloopbaan se geraassone sal val.
Die aanloopbaan gaan ook reg op die rant van die beskermde Blaauwpan val. Dié pan is in die proses om deur die metroraad aan ’n ontwikkelaar verkoop te word.
Toe ontwikkelaars vir die eerste keer in 1997 aansoek gedoen het om die pan te koop sodat hulle dit kan ontwikkel, het Gauteng se departement van landbou en omgewingsake aangedui dat hulle géén ontwikkeling hier sal toelaat nie.
Gerugte van dié planne, wat al vir die afgelope jaar die rondte doen, het huiseienaars van veral Bonaero Park in ’n toestand van paniek, aangesien die lughawensmaatskappy, Acsa, niks oor die planne bekend gemaak het nie.
Mnr. Solomon Makgale, woordvoerder van Acsa, het verlede jaar aan Beeld gesê dat ’n meesterplan met minstens vier opsies oorweeg word. Die meesterplan is tóé glo na mnr. Jeff Radebe, minister van vervoer, gestuur vir goedkeuring. Die minister se kantoor kon dít nog nie bevestig nadat Beeld ’n week gelede hieroor navraag gedoen het nie.
Volgens eiendomsagente in die area het die onsekerheid oor dié planne die huismark in veral Bonaero Park “doodgedruk” en eienaars het Acsa beskuldig dat hulle met die huismark konkel om goedkoper pryse vir eiendomme te kry.
Volgens die finale planne wat Acsa na verwagting op 19 Junie in ’n openbare vergadering aan die gemeenskap gaan bekend maak, beoog Acsa om dié aanloopbaan eers in 2020 te begin bou om vir 2022 voltooi te wees. Die verlenging van die bestaande oostelike aanloopbaan, wat in Bonaero Park gaan insny, gaan reeds in 2016 begin om aan die einde van 2017 voltooi te wees.
Slegs ’n klein deel van Bonaero Park sal nie deur die ontwikkeling geraak word nie, maar die moontlikheid bestaan dat dié óók vir latere ontwikkeling van die lughawe uitgekoop kan word.
Volgens Acsa se kommunikasieplan wat laas week met die metroraad bespreek is, beoog Acsa om in 2015 met aankope van eiendomme en die ontruiming van die area te begin. Die balans hiervan sal in 2019 voltooi word.
Volgens Makgale is dié uitbreidings noodsaaklik om die lughawe, wat met ’n passasierskapasiteit van sowat 16 miljoen per jaar reeds die besigste lughawe in Afrika is, uit te brei sodat dit 55 miljoen passasiers kan hanteer. Hiérvoor moet daar glo twee nuwe aanloopbane by die bestaande twee gevoeg word.
Die eerste van dié twee aanloopbane sal teen 2015, langs die bestaande hoofaanloopbaan, gebou word.

Só gaan die uitbreidings woongebiede raak
1. Een nuwe aanloopbaan gaan gebou word. Dié aanloopbaan gaan na aan Impala Park aan die westelike kant begin en oor Denel se bestaande perseel, deur die Caro Nome-kleinhoewe en reg langs Blaauwpan verbyloop. Aan sy noordelike punt sal die verhewe aanloopbaan bo-oor Atlasweg en Great Northweg loop, waar dit kort anderkant Great Northweg in die Pomona-kleinhoewe eindig.
2. Die bestaande oostelike aanloopbaan gaan verleng word en tot binne-in Bonearo Park loop. Die grootste gedeelte van Bonaero Park, waaronder uitbreidings twee en drie, gaan in die slag bly.
Dié area bestaan uit sowat 1 500 huise.
3. Slegs ’n klein deel van Bonaero Park gaan gespaar word, maar sal tussen twee aanloopbane gesetel wees.
4. Nóg ’n gedeelte van dié woongebied sal vir latere ontwikkeling platgestoot word.
5. ’n Verlenging van die oostelike aanloopbaan gaan in Bonaero Park insny.
6. ’n Pad om swaarverkeer te dra sal deur Bonaero Park gebou moet word om toegang tot die middelveld-vragterminaal te gee.
7. Witkoppierif en Impala Park word geraak wanneer die pad vanaf die nuwe Rondebultweg-ingang om die oostelike aanloopbane gebou word. Dié pad sal dan met Atlasweg skakel.
8. Glen Marais word nie regstreeks deur aanbouings geraak nie, maar val in die geraassone van die nuwe verre-oostelike aanloopbaan.
9. Atlasville word deur stormwaterafvoer geraak. Die lughawe se stormwater vloei in die bewaarde Blaauwpan in.
Die ontwikkelings gaan groter volumes water laat invloei. Atlasville, wat verlede jaar onder water was ná ’n hewige reënstorm, is reg onder die afvloeipunt van Blaauwpan.
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