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Orlando has been growing in the past few years and with growth comes an interest in different types of food. I have to say Orlando's Dinning scene has changed a lot in the past 10 years and I am very happy to see Orlando has die hard foodie fans around to keep a lot of mom and pops location open. I have decided to compile a list (in no particular order) of my favorite restaurants in the Orlando area and would like for everyone to pitch in. Cheap, Moderate, High end, include them all.

Just one rule, try to stay away from NATIONAL Chains (local/State chains are Okay) and Disney/Universal Restaurants (Downtown Disney, City Walk, Etc)

1) Tako Cheena - My favorite so far

2) Pom Poms -

3) The Strand -

4) The Coop -

5) Hawkers -

6) Dandelion -

7) Keke's - (Several Locations)

8) 4 Rivers - (Several Locations)

10) Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen (2 locations?) -

11) Cafe tu tu tango (they have one in Cali but I decided to include it)

12) Jimmy's Hula - (3 locations)

13) Dexter's - (2 locations?)

14) Etho's -

15) Guavate -

16) Scratch -

17) Junior Colombian Burger -

18) The smiling Bison -

19) The Ravenous Pig -

20) Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe -

21) Ceviche - (Several locations)

22) The Rusty Spoon

There are many more I want to list and I will later. But for now I want to get the thread started and get more input from everyone. Thanks!!!
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