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ORMOC | Robinsons Place Ormoc [mix]

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More pics from the site of RPO : )

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Nice. How long it will take now till it will become complete?
Any damages to the building due the recent earthquake? Any other damage in Ormoc?
The mall will be opened end of this month even if it looks still quite unfinished? Wow.
Looks quite ambitious to end the project at end of October. I have some doubts that they are finished then.
Better delay the opening for finishing all the necessary works instead creating a big mess with a too early opening.
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Still some work to do. Seems not that they can hand over the mall at end of October.

An offtopic question: I heard that the Gaisano Capital was burned down July this year. Will it be rebuild again or will it be replaced with a new building?
Was not planned to open end of march? But I'll still doubt if they can open at that date. Too much to do.
Just curious: Will the westbound (Merida, Palompon) jeepney routes also going to or passes at the RPO, because RPO is near to that west crossing?
A question: are the westbound jeepney routes (Merida, Palompon) being rerouted over the RPO?
Are the westbound jeepney routes being rerouted over the RPO?
1 - 11 of 296 Posts
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