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ORMOC | Robinsons Place Ormoc [mix]

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More pics from the site of RPO : )

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Robinsons Supermarket Ormoc update
Opening : June 21, 2013

photo: O. McKenzie

photo: R.Banez

Photo: C.U.Apas
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repost from my post in Ormoc, Leyte Thread

Robinsons Supermarket Ormoc Centrum
Opens Yesterday, June 21, 2013

photo: G. Longavela
from Ormoc Leyte Thread:

more Robinsons Supermarket Ormoc Centrum pics

some pix before the opening last Friday early morning around 5am, June 21:

motorcade around the city

late afternoon on opening day:

before closing:

photo by: E.Pinque, M.Lanugan, R.Sison
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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