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ORTIGAS CENTER | BDO Corporate Center | 210m | 47 fl

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ganda! i like it!
sana they're all supertalls just like the old proposal :D
Is this between the podium and ADB?
Is this between the podium and ADB?
one tower is going to be on the Podium mall itself ;) the Podium mall was originally designed as, well, a podium :D
OK. Makes sense now why it's called that. :)
^^ too bad it was hit by the 1997 financial crisis so the tower on top of it wasn't erected. mas maganda yung original design. mas cohesive with the Podium mall.
^^ do you have a copy of the original render? thanks! are we sure also that it will push through?
^^ if you really insist on killing your mood. i thought this was one of the most tragic. this is it right? SM-KS?

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not an original design but nevertheless, I think this is an exciting proposal. Manila hasn't gotten a proposal for an office building as huge as this one for sometime now. i hope this actually gets built. :cheers:
I dunno why people like this. I totally agree with diz!

Its a blatant rip off of Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden, except its shorter looking, fatter and is done thrice. Its an abomination, but given that the only source is a little known architectural website, no news from BDO or anything, I'm hoping its just a concept.

The original SM-KS Towers, which Tower One could start literally tomorrow by building on top of the Podium (you don't even have to close the mall), is much better. I dunno why they can't just use that design...
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you'd have to be really drunk to think of such a concept IMO.
I think it looks pretty awesome ...
It could be a lot worse. If you want we can call Cityland to build another piece of crap.
Plus the glass is nice, I'm sick of all these disgusting Painted buildings! GLASS FTW
haha,,, asking for the final render in this early stage is impossible,,, for sure, a project this big will encounter many changes and usually Value Engineering wins in the end. :) peace out!
the broader the better
makati lacks more girthy buildings :naughty:
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