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ORTIGAS CENTER l Sapphire Tower [304.8m|mix|pro]

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Developer: Robinsons Land Corporation

The Sapphire Tower is designed as a crystalline form, defined by the geometric shapes of the building's structure.

Sapphire Tower is designed to be a shimmering landmark on the city's skyline. The development will be anchored by a 1,000-foot tall mixed-use lower located on the southern end of the site. At the northern end, a 24-story office tower will be connected by a retail podium at the ground, as well as via a dramatic skybridge 24 stories up.

The signature tower incorporates office, residential, and hotel uses. The top three floors feature a spectacular Member's Only Club, accessed through the 67th floor. The Club features a cantilevered pool deck that hovers over 800 feet above the city below.


I already assumed that this proposed project will be located along Sapphire Rd in Ortigas since there's still a lot of huge vacant lots available. On the rendering, i can see as well the Currency tower condo by Vista Land.

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WOW!!!!! :eek:

This is probably one of the most exciting project renderings for Ortigas since the One Corporate Centre rendering was released exclusively online in SSC Philippines through a scan of a little known architectural magazine called Bluprint! By the looks of it, it looks like part of the project will be directly beside the vacant lots of the Centerpoint Building.

Keep in mind the status is still under concept, so it remains to be seen if this is happening. Nonetheless, its a nice find and we hope this project will come to fruition. :yes:
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^^ My question is what is Robinsons Land Corp's track record in following renderings? Are there any examples of projects from them wherein they show a rendering then downgraded it?

That said, the source of this is from an architect's website, which specifically said "concept". They could be pitching this design to RLC but it remains to be seen if they will adapt this design, or if there are other firms that are submitting designs. If this was an ad, then we can be overly critical if they don't follow because they would be selling a project to people with a promise it will look like this. But at this point in time, the rendering can never be considered a finalized one, unless the RLC Execs are just as in love with this rendering as we are. ;)

One thing is for certain it seems RLC owns the land surrounding the Centerpoint building so there will be a building or two of theirs in that site someday. Whether its this one, something similar, or the usual black boxes consistent with other RLC "Cyber" buildings, we shall see.
^^ If this project does go to fruition soon, they should really start building multi-story steel parkades at the remaining parking lots. We are going to have a parking crisis that will rival BGC's in Ortigas at the rate those parking lots are being gobbled up. Its not a bad thing they be replaced by buildings...but we do need to think of the well being of those who currently and will work at those office towers and shop at the malls too. ;)
^^ Its probably not going to get started soon with the economy tanking and all... :eek:hno:
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