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Osnabrück, Germany

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Osnabrück is a city in Lower Saxony, some 100 km due west of my hometown Hanover. Its population iss 164,000.

More information.ück

I took these pics the same day in late april I took the Münster pictures .

Taken on my way to Osnabrück and Münster from the train, Porta Westfalica:

It was pretty early in the day so not many people around.


Loved this neighbourhood because of the beautiful trees even though some of them really smeeld kinda bad.

St. Katharinen and the castle which is a part of the university nowadays.

University parking

Willy Brand


Town Hall

Nive roof-terrasse

This was such a beautiful place


School’s out

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whoahh,, i should've not missed it!
Good Osnabrück !

I can see, that is, new modernity embeded in old modernity,,
IMO, it's a specimen of new europe, i guess,

clean and good, thanks pics...
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