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Awayo said:
it was a good'un dave.

he's piece of work. i'd have some of his cash and an afternoon with his wife (twenty years ago) though.
His wife, Barbara Ameil, one time editor of Toronto's extreme right wing garbage newspaper "The Sun". Prior to her embracing all things right wing she was the darling of the political left in Canada. A supporter of Prof. Mel Watkins and Prof. James Laxer's Waffle organization of the late sixties. The NDP Waffle group was akin to the Militant Tendency of the Labour Party. Barbara (Big Titties) Amiel, was a lefty groupie at the time. She saw the light, or the money, on the right of the political spectrum and changed, like Winston Churchill, her political philosophy and became very succesful and very rich. Well even if she hadn't Conrad, or should I say, Lord Black? provided for her very nicely indeed. Winston Churchill, Wayne Rooney, Barbara Ameil, Judas Iscarriot?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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