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Other states the will follow Mass?

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I saw on the news that Mass. wants to pass a bill or whatever so that everyone has health coverage in the state. I believe they say that it is more than likely that it will pass. If it does pass in Mass. what other states do you think will likely follow?

I definately see the New England states following Mass. I see Minnesota doing it as well. I would love to see Illinois do it, but most likely that would never happen.
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I think the demographics have to be there so it wouldn't be too much of a change of what's already going on. I do thing there are basic plans that will probably end up being adopted more and funded for everyone in other states fairly soon I don't know how comprehensive though.
Blago wants to do something, but he hasn't shown how and hopefully will be voted out in the next election.
If this becomes successful, I'm sure Connecticut will copy it.
Don't count on Indiana or Wisconsin doing it anytime soon ;)
New York or California are probably next in line.
Roxbury Ranger said:
Don't count on Indiana or Wisconsin doing it anytime soon ;)
Hey at least Wisconsin has the illest senator in the USA
I thought of California as well, but won't it be a little diffucult since it has such a large popualtion. Then again New York would be in the same category, not as populated but a fairly large population.
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