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Otis Origin HQ on way

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Hi, this is great news really, just what we need, enjoy:

One of the world's leading Internet solutions and training company is to set up its regional headquarters in Bahrain. A delegation from Otis Origin met Central Informatics Organisation acting president Shaikh Ahmed bin Atteyatulla Al Khalifa and briefed him on the decision, it was revealed last night.

The company plans to move up to 600 of its experts to Bahrain. It has more than 50,000 employees in more than 50 countries and posted $7 billion in sales last year. Shaikh Ahmed said the decision reflected Bahrain's excellent infrastructure and incentives it offers to foreign companies.
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it amazing how these are coming back to our country,

I thought IT co's concentration went somewhere else !
AN international information technology (IT) firm has opened its Middle East headquarters in Bahrain, paving way for the creation of hundreds of new hi-tech jobs.

Atos Origin is in the process of moving 600 experts to Bahain from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, where the European firm opened its regional office eight years ago.

Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) acting president Shaikh Ahmed bin Atiyatalla Al Khalifa made the announcement after meeting Atos chief executive officer Ferras Zalt and vice-president Middle East Marwan Bataineh.

"We are proud to welcome one of the world's leading IT groups to Bahrain," he told the GDN.

"Atos Origin's decision to relocate its operations to Bahrain reflects the kingdom's infrastructure and economic and technical incentives to attract foreign companies."

Atos, which specialises in system integration, IT consulting and oursourcing, works mainly in the areas of oil and gas, telecommunications, financial sector and the government.

"I discussed with the delegation prospects of training Bahrainis in the areas specialised by Atos," said Shaikh Ahmed.

"The company showed its willingness to train our people in system integration and related fields.

"Atos is gradually moving its 600 experts to Bahrain and it will indirectly benefit our economy.

"The specialised training offered by Atos will create hundreds of new hi-tech jobs in the kingdom."

Shaikh Ahmed said the new company would work in co-ordination with the CIO, Bahrain University and the Civil Service Bureau to draw up employment schemes for newly graduated Bahrainis.

A CIO official has already been appointed to co-ordinate with Atos and other government departments to streamline the relocation procedures.

Atos is committed to training Bahrainis in the most sophisticated branches of IT, said Mr Bataineh.

"We have already moved about 200 staff, 80 per cent of them Europeans, to Bahrain," he added.

"Another 400 will be moved gradually to our new headquarters in the Seef District."

Atos employs more than 50,000 people in 55 countries. The company posted sales worth $7 billion (BD2.6bn) last year.

It was established about 20 years ago in France and Holland and has grown into a multi-billion dollar venture after several mergers.

The company bought KPMG's operations in the UK and the Netherlands in 2000.
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