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0. Folllow the general forum rules: SkyscraperCity

1. Profanity towards other members will not be tolerated.

2. No spamming, multiple topics will be deleted/merged.

3. No inciting hatred or violence.

4. Post in the right forum, continued posting in wrong forums will be considered spamming.

5. We shall not and will not tolerate extremist literature of any nature from any group.

6. Do not get confrontational with a moderator instead PM him.

7. No Advertising...No creating threads or multiple posts of any kind about your own site, a product you sell, a group you belong to etc, without prior approval of a moderator.

8. Do not post or make public private informations on someone like his phone number or his mail adress. Nor in a post nor in your signature.

9. Racist posts are a serious offense and will be deleted immediately and cause immediate ban.

10. If you post in hebrew you must translate it to english (even in few words so everybody can understand).
מי שכותב פוסט בעברית, חייב לצרף תרגום לאנגלית, אחרת הפוסט עלול להימחק.

11. Homophobic & Sexist posts will be treated the same way that racist ones.

12. No links to other forums. Any forums! (Not including Skyscapercity forums of course), unless it conflicts with rule 15.

13. Trolls are people who come here and bring no contribution to the forum but bashing, it's often visible on national attacks. Do not be a troll and do not answer their flame wars, you're only making it worse. PM a moderator rather, we'll ban them.

14. Signature lines & avatars should not have combative, racist or any other kind of commentary which may offend others.

15. Any picture or other media posted is assumed to have been created by the poster, who owns the copyright. If this is not the case, credit must be given in a clear manner.

If you fail to comply with forum rules, you will be first brigged, then banned permanently.

Please follow the rules and enjoy your time on the Israeli Forums.

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