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Hello everyone!!

I am in touch with the Oxford University European Affairs Society that is organising an evening discussion event in June about Urban Design in Europe.

The society will be hosting an exhibition illustrating the impact of the 20th Century on Europe’s leading urban centres with a view to debating how they should develop in the 21st Century.

The event will discuss what we should learn from the 20th Century and how we should be shaping our urban centres for the future.

There will be talk about Europe’s leading financial capitals and how they should respond to the rate of development in major Asian cities.

The society is ultimately looking to turn this event into an evening exhibition also. I know that James ****** will be presenting an argument and i know Professor Michael Parkinson from Liverpool's European Institute for Urban Affairs will also be giving a speech.

The society is looking to host a photographic depiction of the modern state of life in major European Urban centres with a view to showing the direction we are heading and whether this is where we want to head.

I have been entrusted with searching for photographers who would enjoy volunteering to display their photographic efforts at the exhibition.

If any of you have good photographs covering Europe's leading urban centres and are interested in having them displayed then please let me know. This may work out as an ideal CV builder for any photographers.

If you you want to get involve or have any questions about this event please let me know. Feel free to PM me.
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