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Pacific Beach

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Seeing as the height(s) on this project have changed more times than I have fingers, I didn't know where to put it, so I made its own thread :)

Overseas team's designs on Coast

A CRACK design team has descended on the Gold Coast to thrash out plans for one of the city's largest beachfront developments sites, known as Pacific Beach.

Three firms -- from the US, the UK and Malaysia -- are consulting with owner Ridong Gold Coast Developments, which has flagged its intention to create a billion-dollar project on the 1.3ha site on Old Burleigh Road at the southern end of Surfers Paradise.

The firms -- Oppenheim Architecture and Design, Marks Barfield Architects and Llewelyn Davies Yeang -- are assisting Gold Coast architects DBI Design in refining a concept for the property, originally earmarked by failed financier City Pacific for a luxury twin-tower development.

Oppenheim Architecture, headed by Chad Oppenheim, has created some of Florida's most sustainable buildings, while Marks Barfield is behind the London Eye and the Treetop Walkway at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

Ridong, controlled by Sydney-based businessmen Riyu Li, paid $81.8 million for the Pacific Beach site in the Coast's biggest property transaction of 2009.

Previously it said it could be two years before it would begin site works for the redevelopment.

Ridong, which settled on the purchase in April, has since demolished several derelict houses and announced plans to refurbish existing buildings on the site while it explores development options.

The Pacific Beach site, on the corner of Wharf and Old Burleigh roads, comprises 10 properties, including the Oriana, Paradise Sands and Silvretta apartment buildings.

Ridong is seeking to lure a slice of the inbound China tourism market with the development and its wishlist of features includes an upmarket Chinese restaurant overlooking the water.

"This is a superb opportunity for some great local and international design minds to work together in pursuit of a world-class outcome," said Ridong's general manager Steven Haggart.

"They will collectively review the site and propose potential design solutions.

"We anticipate that groups of this calibre will contribute greatly to the architectural merit of the project."

Barry Lee, of DBI Design, said the focus would be on a sustainable project that 'responds to our climate, culture and civic aspirations'.

"Council's Bold Futures project very clearly articulates the community's desire for a clean and green future for our city," he said.

Jason McGrath, director of Urban Planning Services which is collaborating on the project, has described Pacific Beach as an 'opportunity site'.

"We need to recognise the value of these sites and grab this opportunity to deliver an important node along the Old Burleigh Road tourist route," he said.
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original scheme
174m & 166m

current approved scheme

two towers, 36st/125m & 41st/140m

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Looks like a C on C clone.

This is no chance in the current economic environment.
Some of those renders remind me of the Museum of New Caledonia in Noumea.

Very tropical. I like.

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It's loosely modelled on The Oracle & The Circle on Cavill.
*cough* Oracle Copy *cough*
well its same design team at DBI headed by barry Lee. hey im not complaining, as far as im concerned they can all be copied from lees designs.
Exactly, it's all DBI and they like these sail type designs, which is fine by me since they look great and we have like 2 or 3 swoopy buildings vs 200 square boxes on the GC so not like they are going to become common anytime soon!

As for this site, well we'll see, it's all a bit vague atm, certainly the size of the site always made me think it would be great for a supertall, but it's a touch outside the unlimited zone, still, rules are made to be bent aye;)
yeah i dont think they will build a 300m giant. they will split it up with two towers. cheaper.
instead of 120m & 140m. maybe 100m & 200m would be cool
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