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PADUA - Stadio Euganeo (23,000)

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Stadio Euganeo

Calcio Padova is based in Padua (city: +240k people; metro: 950k people), Veneto region, Italy.
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Built in 1989, the stadium will be interested by refurbishment work. Its current capacity is of 32,420 seats.


A new rectangular covered stadium. Capacity: 23,000.
With the refurbishment work the distance between the north/south tribune and the goal post will be only 10 meters.
Behind north tribune, a new sports hall for basketball/volley could be created.

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Looks like they're channeling a "Luigi Ferraris' long lost little brother" vibe...

I approve of the general idea but the corners look massively flawed. They should provide the spectators nears the walls with obstructed views that block completely one of the goals.
I don't think the walls in the corners block views of the pitch. If you look at this picture (link to prevent double showing the same picture on this page) you can see that if you follow the line of the corner wall next of the red stand, it's just behind the goals and the stand is easily wide enough to show the entire pitch.

People towards the corners of the long side stand will just be able to see the goal, but not the fans behind the goal. That's a bit of a shame but not a huge deal in my opinion.
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That's a horrible idea. Basically squaring off the stadium without shortening the space. Awful.
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They would be much better off building the new stands closer to the pitch even if that means some seats in the lower tiers at the sides are out of use.

I'd also be tempted to have the main basketball stand on the football stand side. This would allow for a very spacious shared concourse and facilities.

Ideally they would build the new stands in such a way that one of the side stands could be rebuilt eventually nearer to the other and eliminating the huge gaps that currently exist.

The present stadium must have some of the worst views in football. Clearly this is an improvement and looks sort of cool but from a spectator point of view will still be very poor. I wonder if there is the potential for much larger crowds if the fans are much closer to the pitch.
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I hadn't even noticed they kept the stands as they are! I didn't look at the playing surface in the renders and thought it's a brand new stadium with stands close to the pitch! Awful.
The Municipality of Padova, Padova FC and the architecture firm
have presented the new project of the stadium that should replace the old Stadio Euganeo.

The project, spanning over a surface of 43 hectares, would include a modern covered stadium -in line with UEFA standards-, a village (boutiques, restaurants, services, etc), Padova FC headquarters, Padova FC training center, medical center. Construction work would take three years, including the improvement of the infrastructures surrounding the site.

The proponents have said the next step is to find private investors.
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