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#PALESTINE: Palestinian Poetry قصائد فلسطينية

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No one can take away from me

My identity,

For it is mine.

Palestinian am I.

I am the river that flows

Through my land.

I am the mountain

Noble and magnificent

Rising up out of chaos and destruction.

I greet the morning sun

That shines down on my fertile valleys

And parches my barren desert.

I am the red poppy and yellow daffodil

That grow upon my bloodstained hills.

I am the battle cry of freedom

That echoes through my corridors

And every fiber of my being.

Palestinian am I.

I am the proud owner of

Orange orchards and lemon blossoms

And honey bees, wild and free.

I am the Palestinian David child wielding a single stone

Against the Israeli Goliath.

I am not afraid,

For truth is with me and God is on my side.

If I die,

A choir of angels will honor me

And later, my parents will grasp my outstretched hand

And join me in Heaven.

I am the tears of

Mothers weeping for their dead sons.

I am the footsteps of ancient prophets

Who foretold of doom and destruction

To those who torture and oppress me.

My brethren are the doves, hummingbirds
Never Felt that Lonely.. says:
My brethren are the doves, hummingbirds and seagulls

That fly unhindered above my sea.

I am Palestinian,

Therefore, I am.

No one can take my identity

Away from me,

Not tanks or guns or bombs

Meant to desecrate me and kill me.

My country lives in me.
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Very emotional poem. Thanks for sharing...
thanks crazyeight i wish better future for Palestinian:(
mashallah very good;
keep it inside brother
the symbol of peace is always the first to go
the sun will shine on palestine again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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