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If some pictures are 'x'ed try refreshing.....Thxs to PanamaBoom for most of the pictures!!:cheers:

Heres some pictures taken from "Cerro Ancon" which is a small mountain very close to the city. Cerro Ancon has always been a great place to get a great view of the pacific ocean and panama city and its skyline.

Now correct me if Im wrong but from the quality of this picture it seems like this one was taken in the 1930' this time there wasnt a single highrise. It was just a nice beach city. Now there is no beach near the city due to contamination:(

Here we jump to the 1980's



And now the new developing areas of Panamas skyline,this first picture is when construction just started

Now july 2007

This is another Developing area of Panama...Costa del Este,Panama

Heres a bonus Pic

Overall,,, Panama is growing rapidly ... not just in highrise construction, but its whole economy in general....forigen investers are still invading Panama with big oncoming projects...hey even Donald trump is Investing down there.
Panama's future points to the skies!! hope u enjoyed this thread !
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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