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PANGASINAN | The Oriental Alaminos [hot]

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Saan daw Ito sir
Lucap wharf , Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Sa parte ng hundred islands
Sa parte ng hundred islands
Hindi po. Sa may wharf sya. Sa pantalan. Over-looking hundred islands
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Who is the developer?

LKY Resorts and Hotels Inc.
5-star hotel to rise at Lucap Wharf in Pangasinan

ALAMINOS CITY – A five-star, 100-room hotel would be built at the Lucap Wharf, the gateway to the Hundred Islands National Park here, local officials said.

Mayor Arthur Celeste led the groundbreaking for the Oriental Hundred Islands Pangasinan that will be constructed and operated by the LKY Hotels and Resorts Inc.

The hotel will rise on a 1.2-hectare property leased by the company from the city government for 25 years.

Celeste said the city government decided to turn over an unfinished hotel structure at the wharf to a private company as the city has no capacity to manage a hotel.

The unfinished hotel was started during the administration of former Mayor Hernani Braganza using a P35-million bank loan.

It still has a pending loan of P17 million, which the LKY will assume.

LKY President Rebecca Lee said the construction would start next week and is expected to be completed before summer next year.

The hotel would have villas, infinity pool, private docking area, and restaurant that would feature local cuisine, she said.

Under the contract, the LKY will not remove any tree at the wharf and will leave and improve the existing historical structures like the Limahong-Urduja kiosk, Lucap lighthouse, and the newly built tourism function hall.

Groundbreaking Ceremony of THE ORIENTAL HUNDRED ISLANDS, PHILIPPINES - Alaminos City ( 19 Jun 2019 )

Proxy Plus by The Oriental

kaya pala natagalan dahil naabutan ng pandemic tapos rebranding ng name from The Oriental Hundred Islands ginawang Proxy Plus tas inupgrade din from 4 storeys to 7 storeys
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^upgrade! it's nice that mid rise developments are becoming a norm in alaminos recently
^upgrade! it's nice that mid rise developments are becoming a norm in alaminos recently
yes at meron pa dumagdag na 8-storey Hundred Islands Medical Center/ACE Medical Center - Alainos City. Sana matuloy na rin yung Hiribaco 100 resort residences 10-storey yung initial plan pero yung mga latest na unofficial perspective puro highrise yung proposal.

Hundred Islands Medical Center
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