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Have you guys ever done panoramas?

Here's one I made of three stitched pictures...

(picture is linked to the full scale it) ;)

Anyway, there's a new form of panoramic pictures being made
that are absolutely immersive. Before I post a link to an example
I must warn, you'll need QuickTime to view them. If you don't have it,
I'll post a link to where you can get it.

Another caveat is, the pictures are huge, so you'll need either a broadband
connection or the patience of a saint.

Once the picture loads you can click on the picture holding
down on the mouse button and drag in any direction.

Also, pushing your...

SHIFT key = Zoom in
Ctrl key = Zoom out

Okay, without further instruction HERE'S a link to an example of this type of panoramic (caution: it's "Full Screen") and HERE'S a link to more example and other interesting info about them

*If this topic and links have been brought up previously then I profoundly apologize.
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