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Built to replace the old landing stage of Lyon, the present building was built between 1895-1902 by the architect Marius Toudoire. Its construction was undertaken by the PLM (Paris-Lyon-Marseille) Company, and timed with the Universal Exhibition of 1900 in mind.

Recent modernization work allows the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) to serve this station. Departures for southern France, the Alps, Switzerland, Italy and Greece are from here.

Description from :

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Here's another train station I've used a lot in Paris. It just occurred to me the only station I've never used is Gare de l'Est (pretty good for someone who doesn't even live in Paris) but only because I flew to Germany from Paris and I went to Strasbourg and Alsace region by car. Gare de l'Est, as its name indicates, services the destinations East of Paris (almost all destinations to Germany except the Cologne service on the Thalys). Otherwise, I've used Gare du Nord to London and Brussels, Gare de Lyon to Lyons and Geneva, Gare de Montparnasse to Brittany area and Toulouse, Gare d'Austerlitz to Spain and Gare de St-Lazare to Normandy...oh and I once arrived at a small station called Gare de Bercy on an overnight train from Milan that I didn't even know existed, and I thought I knew Paris like the back of my hand.
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