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PARIS | Hermitage Plaza | 320m x 2 | 1050ft x 2 | 86 fl | 85 fl | Cancelled

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Hermitage Plaza

2 x323m
94 fl and 92 fl
Mixed use
Architect : Foster+Partners

All above:

More information:


Old design:

309m and 291m
Architect : Ferrier

Information in english
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Even if not every body like the design and its localisation it is one of most ambitious project in la Defense, in Greater Paris and in France
Can't say I'm a fan.

They should build Libeskind, wilmotte or Foster's projects before they even think of building these two, I can't believe they are going with the worst ones. IMO anyway. Ferrier's proposal for the Tour Phare competition was much better than this, and I thought they would have used that for the Tour Signal competition too. Nouvel's was just a re-hash of his Phare project, why couldn't Ferrier do the same?
I quite agree I hope that the design will change a little, but the heights are perfect.
I hope it will be built anyway!
It should have been the winner for Signal.
massive but cute... i prefer orange cladding btw
then 4 supertalls for 2014
The towers arren't very well yet but the worst is their location in LD : they'll hide an all part of the skyline (with Phare, Air², New Gan,...)
Official site in french

It is not the best supertall ever , but it's better than this shit of Tour Signal by Nouvel imo .

So in Paris ~2014 , we should have
Tour Phare ~300m
Tour Generali ~300m
Tour Signal - 301m (Or very hypothetic 370m with screen)
Tours Hermitage - 309m
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Its a really nice designed tower but we shouldnt be duped. I dont think that the cladding will have the yellow-blue color like in the render.

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Of course it will not, everyone should know that in France the cladding never look like at render. :lol:
That's right! But I think this clading is very interesting and I hope they won't change it if they build this tower.
Not bad, i like the base though.
why russians sponsors this project? :( And it is wouldnt be a tallest project in Europe :)
Wow! another supertall for Paris! :) Great! :cheers:
Of course it will not, everyone should know that in France the cladding never look like at render. :lol:
Sadly, this is undeniably a very true statement. :eek:hno:
It's a great building, no doubt about that. But the location is so wrong !!! It will hide all the north part of LD when looking from the Arc de Triomphe, including Phare, Total, Generali, Gan & Axa. :(
Love this towers, this is what paris needs! amazing! :cheers:
i dont like it, it is not aestetic, its just a strange thing... i mean, a 5 year old could draw such lines:toilet:
I loved it, it's very modern it reminds me that building in Beijing
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