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Park La Brea

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It should be demolished and turned into a large park. Thoughts?
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i feel like i said that years ago... and extend the park east all the way to wilton. it would be like our own central park and it can be surrounded with skyscrapers and rail transit
Any pics where the park is?
Park La Brea should be expanded continuing dense affordable housing along Wilshire. I love Park La Brea as it was a semi-quasi experiment in public housing in LA.
Any pics where the park is?
Park La Brea isn't a park. It's the largest apartment complex in LA.

And I love Park La Brea and aside from some landscaping issues along Fairfax, nothing is wrong with it. It should be left alone.
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or add a new mid rise??
nothing wrong with adding a little more density.
it's like Le corburier's ideas :D but so many years later haha

dont really like it...
Le Cobrusier's ideas of dense highrises were floating around in the 20's. Park La Brea was built in part in the 40's so not too long after. Only a few of these type of residential self-contained highrise parks were built in the US with Park La Brea being one of them. I would suggest that whole swaths of the Valley be turned into this type of development.
Seems likely the Park La Brea people were aware of Le Corbusier. In any event, it's a little boring architecturally but they make occasional attempts to update and add some height and density.

I would call it about the least problem in that part of town. The real issue is density along Wilshire, Fairfax, Beverly, 3rd, etc., and some transit (Purple, Pink).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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