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Passport Law "What affect will it really have"

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As I am sure everyone has allready heard or read about the new Homeland Security law which will come into affect on December 31st 2007, making it mandatory for everyone to carry a passport, or a special pass card when travelling from Canada to the US. I would love to Know more about or discuss this matter especially concerning tourist regions like Niagara Falls, Toronto, Banff, Montreal, etc.. and how will it affect Canadians travelling over to the USA. Is this law really going to withstand, or will this fall by the wayside, considering what impact it could hold for alot of businesses, even industries on both sides of the border. How will it affect the Trucking industry, I am both concerned and very interested. :bash:
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I was in Niagara Falls last summer and crossing from Canada to US was a complete ball ache. Those customers bods are very far from friendly and they took ages to process the documents. We had to get a flight from Buffalo and we could easily have missed it. I'd advise anyone to give themselves plenty of time when factoring in crossing through customs. That said, when I went from Seattle to Vancouver by train, the customs there was a breeze.

Maybe the customs will let US passport holders through much quicker than those with EU or other passports.
dchengg said:
well this is for security reasons, but then i think theyre getting too far, as you know were best friends with the USA and theyre doing all this making us feel like we mean harm to them.

Because of this it has ruined my winter vaction making it unsuccessful to go over to the USA w/ my parents.
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