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Passport Law "What affect will it really have"

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As I am sure everyone has allready heard or read about the new Homeland Security law which will come into affect on December 31st 2007, making it mandatory for everyone to carry a passport, or a special pass card when travelling from Canada to the US. I would love to Know more about or discuss this matter especially concerning tourist regions like Niagara Falls, Toronto, Banff, Montreal, etc.. and how will it affect Canadians travelling over to the USA. Is this law really going to withstand, or will this fall by the wayside, considering what impact it could hold for alot of businesses, even industries on both sides of the border. How will it affect the Trucking industry, I am both concerned and very interested. :bash:
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It'll have its effects, no doubt, but we'll see what happens. Particularly in tourism.

I'm gonna have to get a passport this year, If I'm gonna keep heading to Detroit and Buffalo!
It's really gonna stink for me, because more than ever, I am travelling to the United States for everything from hockey games, baseball games, to concerts, to restaurants, theatre, photo taking, museums, attractions, a LOT of things, particularly to Buffalo and Detroit (sometimes Rochester), and I sure don't want to have to keep going to the same boring cities in my country for these kind of things (except the nice cities of London and Windsor, perhaps Niagara Falls). In fact since 2002, I have been to the U.S. 3x more often than I ever been in the first 20 years of life. I just wish getting a passport was 10x more simpler to get than what it is right now.
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