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What has he done all third term? I can't remember a thing so far.


Pataki To Pals: Count Me Out In Albany, Plan On D.C.

MARCH 28TH, 2005

Governor George Pataki is telling close associates he doesn't plan on running for re-election.

Sources tell NY1 News Monday that Pataki expects to announce in the next few weeks he's not seeking a fourth term, and is instead deciding whether to run for president. Our sources say Pataki realizes he's a longshot, but thinks he could be the GOP nominee for vice president in 2008.

Our sources also caution that in the event of a terrorist attack or other major event, Pataki could still decide he wants to stay in Albany.

In a statement late Monday, Pataki communications director David Catalfamo said: "The so-called prognosticators should keep in mind that the governor has made quite a career of defying the conventional wisdom."

Sources say Pataki did not want this story to break during state budget negotiations, which are in high gear right now.

As Pataki surveys the national scene, sources say he's relying on guidance from former top aides Zenia Mucha, Bradford Race, Michael McKeon and Sandy Treadwell, who now serves on the Republican National Committee. We're also told longtime political advisor Kieran Mahoney is still very much in the picture, helping Pataki create an exploratory committee for president.
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