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went to freo a bit today cause freo where loosing at start of last quarter so might as well, and decided to take the cam :p

took a lot but heeps have nath in them lol!

Pano On the way!!!!

maritime from near maccas

random tracks near maccas/ old maritime muesuem wall

port authorities

statue in park near myer


massive trees in esplanade.

random seat

random swings

nath at beach lol

nath on train tracks lol!

old cannon at round house (soz couldnt help myself)

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Perth4life14 said:
there not 3/4 pants dickhed , he just wear em low coz hes an idiot, lol do u mean 3/4 as in a bad way, eg metrosexual , u better not be mocking metro sexuals
who wouldn't mock metrosexuals.

nice pics, but you should have done something abou you're friend.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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