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Penang classical Buildings

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those pica are awesome! Keep looking for pics, Adam!
hopefully all penang classical colonial buildings get preserved and reused to revive the old parts of the the British Council building :cheers:
From Crono

St. George's Church (1818)

Penang Museum and Art Gallery (1821)

Kuan Yin Teng Temple (1883)

Dr Sun Yat Sen's Penang Base (1870)

Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi (1853)

Fort Cornwallis (1808)

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (1897)
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From yahoo search

Penang City Hall (1903)

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^^ hah! that city hall looks like some English boroque masterpiece from London! :lol: it looks bit Dutchy.. anyway! nice pics Adam!! :cool:
^^ and the weather in some ofda pics.. heavenly.. :angel1: pics...i would like to post some if i'm free:D
Ya, the quality of the pictures are awesome. when i free, i will search some more and repost here

Pablo!! post some more.....:D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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