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Pennsylvania's Keystone Corridor

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On Saturday my brother, dad, and I rode Amtrak to Harrisburg and back. The train was late arriving into 30th Street. The trip from Philly to Harrisburg was on the Pennsylvanian and it took a little over 1.5 hours. These are the photo's I took:

First is Cira Center:

Leaving Center City on the train:

Elizabethtown Station:

Downtown Harrisburg buildings:

Sunoco Performance Theater

The empty Strawberry Square Mall in downtown, its worse than the Gallery:

The Capital:

A wedding party was there:

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A Copper Cow:

Downtown Neighborhoods:

State St leads to the capital:

More skyscrapers:

On the way back, the train stops in Coatsville:

Coatsville Station reminded me of a mini Chester:

The skyline approaching 30th Street:

The end ;)
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Coatesville looks cool!
Nice little tour of the region. You have a nice mix of residential, commercial, religious or government, interior, and "passing through" pictures.
Harrisburg looks bigger than I thought, it has a few good sized buildings.
Thanks for the comments, wish we had more time so we could go across the river and get skyline shots.
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