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Pepsi Cola Factory - Basrah

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very good news! iraqi products are finally being produced once again
it looks more like coca cola !
LOL why does he refer to Germany as "West Germany", does he realize that there is only one Germany now :lol:
Hmm. I noticed Pepsi/"Bibsi" is more popular among Middle Easterners than Cola. Good news btw.
it looks more like coca cola !
it does too...the labels are red :S
I think they used the word Pepsi to refer to all kind of fizzy drinks they r producing. traditionally in iraq, pepsi is more than a brand name :D
hahaha like 'kleenex' is a word for tissues...
:lol: yup that's probably the case here as well
or "nestelat" :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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