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Permission needed (important)

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Hi guys. My school's photographic society, of which i am a member, is having a photography seminar later this month. Our society is divided into four specialist teams, i being in the Adobe Photoshop team. Each team will be presenting a bit about our specialty, and i've been selected to represent my team in demonstarting some Photoshop techniques. For my demonstration, i require photos with some rather specific attributes and content. I've done a search of SSC SG, since none of my own photos fit the bill, and i've found some very suitable ones. The following are photos that i've deemed suitable for my demonstration. I just want to make sure i have permission from the photo's owner to use the photos for my public demonstration. So if any of your photos are listed below, it'd be great if you could do me a favour and let me use them, and also tell me if and how you'd like to be acknowledged. Thanks! :D





Hya (who just happens to take many such photos):

I will NOT use your photos unless you give me permission, so please please please do. :lol:
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I'm ok with it.....but lunch on you?? :lol::jk::jk::jk:
Arigatou gozaimasu, stan sensei...
hyacinthus said:
should be alright. But, ask your friends to join SSC too. :D
You mean all 460 who will be turning up? :lol: and thanks!!! :D
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