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Peter Beattie power box

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I was walking from Central Station today to the Queen Street mall and i was greeted with one of those power boxes painted with Premier Beatties smiling face.

Straight away it reminded me of somehthing more suited to North Korea or Iraq(Pre 2nd Gulf War). Has anyone else noticed this and think it is strange?
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Is it on Adelaide St? I think i've seen that one before...

TOCC, you've been away from Brisbane for awhile haven't you?

The box, on the corner of Adelaide and Edward, was revealed early last year to quite a bit of controversy - Springborg claimed that it was politically corrupt to have Beattie on one of the boxes and that it should be removed. However, the artist has done many boxes before (and since) and the state govnment had no input into the design.

I personally have no problem with it.
i don't have a problem with it.. i think it's a great peice of art. i acknowledge your political concerns, but i think that art should be above politics.. and isnt there one of a prominent liberal/nationals figure around the place too?
ive noticed that its been vandalised a number of times. lots of eggs have been thrown at it
yeah i moved away from brisbane start of 2005 and have been back only for holidays since.

Dont get me wrong, i dont care about the political issues behind it, i actually laughed at if when i first witnessed it. I was just wondering if there was controversy behind it.

Ive been living in the ACT for too long and have been influenced by the sterile politics down there, ive caught myself watching fed parliment 'question time' on the televsion too many times now.

A politician cant blow his nose down there without it getting on the news.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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