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Peterhof, Russia

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Most of the picture are from , some were taken by me last summer.

Peterhof is situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, about 22 miles southwest of St. Petersburg. Also known as Petrodvorets, it was founded in 1710 as a summer residence for Peter the Great. Altered and extended over the years, it was almost completely rebuilt between 1747 and 1754. Inside the Grand Palace are many splendid displays of art, decorative objects and furniture. The Palace over-looks a vista of spreading gardens and fountains.

Do you like it?
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All very beautiful, congratulations! The architecture is fantastic!
It depicts the lavish lifestyle of the tzars, who were imitating the western european monarchs! That's what led to the revolution of 1917, the royal family lost contact with the real life of the people, who were living in extreme poverty and needed change! The change came all wright!

Otherwise, magnificent photos!
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who were living in extreme poverty and needed change!
What other bullshit will you tell? People of Russian Empire were living quite well until some people in Europe decided to test new communist ideology on "barbaric" country.
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