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CHOP - Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia 700 Schuylkill Ave.

This tower will be Phase I of an eventual multi-tower buildout of a site across the Schuylkill River from CHOP's West Philadelphia campus.

CHOP presents Schuylkill River research/office tower to PCPC

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Tuesday gave the city planning commission a first look at its plans for a research and office facility at 700 Schuylkill Ave. That's the east side of the river.

CHOP Senior Vice President for Facilities and Construction Management Doug Carney said the parcel could accommodate about 2 square million feet if fully built out, but CHOP doesn't need that much space yet. Phase I of the project, which includes a 22- or 24-story office tower, depending on whether you count the parking podium, will accommodate CHOP's needs through about 2022, he said. So while renderings he showed to Philadelphia City Planning Commissioners showed three ghost-like future buildings adjacent to the tower, his presentation focused on Phase I.

Carney said the metal and glass building and site, designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli and Cooper Robertson & Partners, would include several public and green areas, and a pedestrian bridge is planned that would allow people to walk from those areas across the CSX railroad tracks and connect to the Schuylkill Banks trail. “We are seeking public funding” for that bridge, Carney said, but CHOP plans to include it in Phase I.

In response to questions about use from Commissioner Nancy Rogo Trainer, Carney said only CHOP employees would work at the building, which would include clinical research facilities and office space.

The research would be “dry research” only – research done with computers. Some research subjects might come to the site, but only for interviews, not procedures, he said. These uses would remain consistent over the two prospective future phases, as well, Carney said.

The first phase would also include a parking garage and a parking lot – with about half of the planned parking in each type of facility. About 50 percent of traffic to the new facility would be coming via I-76 and taking the South Street exit to the site, he said.

Carney said the project could be built by-right without variance, but CHOP does plan to seek a variance that would allow it to reduce the number of loading zones a project of this size would normally require, since it won't need them.



Site plan: (including future phases)

All renders:
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