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Philippine Architecture

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Resurrecting the demolished Sky Room Jai Alai Building and turning it into a Early Benevolent Assimilation up to the end of American Commonwealth Era - Museum of American Occupation... The Thomasites - the American Educator Pioneers Exhibit... Automobile Exhibit - highlighting the Presidential Car Collection... Film Memorabilia Exhibits... Fashion & Textile Exhibit... Mod Cons Exhibit (Modern Conveniences) - appliances in an American Home in Philippine Setting...
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Sad fact that this structure was sacrificed for the lot to go empty and for the back lot to be occupied by the Torre de Manila...
It seems to me that we have our own unique architecture that doesn't seem to resemble other countries'. Do we have a name for it though?

The old Spanish colonial houses seem very much localized here in our shores. Our churches also seemed unique, though all of them branded as Baroque.
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