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Anybody know of any noteworthy cities in the Philippines where one can find street art?

For instance, the one big place that comes to mind is Cebu. After reading up on the city's growing collection of street art, much like the more established scene in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , it's apparent that The Queen City of the South has managed to cultivate a thriving street art scene filled with an eclectic group of homegrown Cebuano artists such as Karingkay, Hardchick, and Subangdaku, to name a few. Even foreign artists like Wezt from Korea are now making their mark on Cebu streets.

I really admire the work these artists do in our city. Their pieces add vibrancy to otherwise grey walls and city streets, giving Cebu even more character and flair.

Here are some screenshots taken from

If you have more street art photos from anywhere in the 'pinas, please share!
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