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Phnom Penh | Arakawa Residence | 10x23fl | U/C

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Name: Arakawa Residence
Number of Floors: 23
Number of Buildings: 10
Location: Sen Sok district in Teuk Thla commune along Russia Boulevard on the way to the airport, Phnom Penh
Land Area: The project is being developed on 13,680 square metres of land
Unit Prices: Residences are available for sale between US$20,000 and US$30,000
Number of Units: Phase I comprises 2,000 condo units
Total Investment: $70 million ($40 million will be spent during Phase I of the project, with an additional $30 million invested in Phase II)
Description: Low-cost public condominium project
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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