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Name: Phnom Penh Harbour
Developer: Yue Tai Cambodia (a subsidiary of the Guangzhou based & Shanghai listed Guangzhou Yuetai Group)
Location: Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
Total number of Buildings: 22
Total Land Area: 118,687 square meters
Expected Completion: Phases 1-3 is expected to be complete within 4 years (from Year 2018), while phase 4 will be completed in 6 years
Project Descriptions: The project will construct in 4 phases which included passenger boat harbor, multiple commercial spaces, office space, condotel, condominiums, serviced apartments & hotels. Integrated into the development will be an additional 7,000 parking spaces to the riverside area for tenants, hotel guests, workers and general public & tourists wishing to visit nearby riverside restaurants & retail shops

Here's the final project plan

Phase 1
Total Area: 454,339.14 m2
Number of Buildings: 5
- (Building 1A) 47 floors mixed-use apartment and hotel building, ballroom occupied the first 3 floors
- (Building 1B) 45 floors Apartment
- (Building 1C and Buiding 1D) 48 floors Apartment
- (Building 1E) 45 floors Apartment
- 26 floors Port Authority Integrated Office Building

Phase 2
Total Area: 552.048.59 m2
Number of Buildings: 4
- (Building 2A) 52 floors Office Building
- (Building 2B) 52 floors Office Building
- (Building 2C) 46 floors Service Apartment
- (Building 2D) 46 floors Service Apartment

Phase 3
Total Area: 317,639.58 m2
Number of Buildings: 6
- 6x50 floors Residential Building

Phase 4
Total Area: 177,219.02 m2
Number of Buildings: 2
- 2x50 floors Residential Building
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