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Photo Competition General Thread

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We got it then :D
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i said i'd make one when i had the time a few months back, and then completely forgot until joe reminded me earlier today.
Better late than never :)
lol. nah, i compeltely forgot about that thread :)
Are there any rules about what what we can post in this forum, apart from it has to be 'urban'?
Comments / Suggestions etc

Please feel free to give me your feedback whilst we set the UK & Ireland UPC up.

I was thinking to run the contest initially every calendar month as opposed to the weekly contest on the main UPC and see how that goes. As we're halfway through a month, I was thinking the first deadline should be the end of April to give us time to build up a bit of momentum and iron out any teething problems.

Whats the consensus on the above?


Should we restrict this competition to photos of the UK & Ireland only?

Should we restrict it to UK & Ireland Forumers only? (Difficult to enforce)

My personal feeling is that we should encourage people to post photos of the UK & Ireland wherever possible, but photos from overseas should be accepted (although ideally they should have been taken by UK forumers). Again, difficult to enforce, but we don't want this to be another playground for the UK-bashing trolls out there.

As a final note, if it looks like age-old rivalries (e.g. Manc - Brum) are being played out on this competition, we'll take action. This competition should be about the appreciation of good photos, nothing else.
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Just wanna say a big THANK YOU for setting up the UK UPC - this is fantastic and I'm sure it will be a very popular and active section here :banana:

I agree with pretty much everything Joe has said above. Let's keep this mainly for UK photos by UK forumers - but we could allow a small number of photos from overseas. :)

I look forward to everyone's contributions. :)
i think it should be uk photos only but allowing foriegn forumers to enter too. i have a problem though, manuel has entered five pictures at once!
gothicform said:
i think it should be uk photos only but allowing foriegn forumers to enter too. i have a problem though, manuel has entered five pictures at once!
I agree, with the quality of UK pics we're seeing I think we should restrict entries to pics of the UK & Ireland only.

Which is a shame really because I have some blinding overseas photos!

I'll PM Manuel :nono:
You should "advertise" the presence of the contest better - i only found out about it today, despite it being in the UK forum menu.

Make a moderator message telling everyone in the UK section to at least have a look at the contest, and im sure you will find a lot more people will start submitting/voting for pics
This is great, I'll definately get a few in, I take it we'll have different themes each month?
wjfox2002 said:
No - no themes, just random pics.
Okay, I can live with that.
Great, I just noticed this. I am a happy person - there have been many pictures that I don't think are of enough merit - or perhaps the proffesional standard for the main UPV but would show some interesting UK architecture so I'll stick them on here at some point.
Can I suggest that all Poll's MUST be public so that people giving a photo a score of 1 can be named and shamed?

I'm sure there'll be a few Manc photo's that certain Leeds forumers will give a score of 1 to...

People should be mature enough to give honest scores anyway, but if all the polls are public it may make people think twice before giving it a 1 or a 2.
I think we should apply the same rule that Jan applies in the regular UPC - i.e. any score less than 5, is counted as 5. In other words, no picture can ever receive less than 5/10.
Why not just have the poll out of 5 then if you aren't going to count half the votes???
will! youre not supposed to say how we calculate the votes then down voters will give a pic 5 instead of 1 we WANT them to waste their votes.
I don't understand, why would it mean they waste their votes? They would still be giving the least possible. I don't see any advantage of keeping that information secret.
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