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Photo Gallery: A Futuristic Amman, Jordan

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The Northern Gateway (Area B: Jbayha Road, behind the University of Jordan)

The Central Parkway: (Area A: In Wadi Abdoun, an urban green-belt with traditional Amman stairs)

The Southern Gateway: (Area C) On the airport road ‘Y’ intersection where the roads part towards the 7th and 8th Circles. It will become one of the major arteries to carry traffic into Amman and away from Zahran Street for destinations such as the City Centre, Abdali, East and North East Amman. Four nodes of tower developments are proposed in the wadis of the area and located along proposed transit corridors that will link it to other parts of the City. The centre of the area has been reserved for a major shopping street surrounded by low density development; high density clusters are located on the periphery of the area.

The Abdali Business District (currently under construction)

Proposed Ideas For Airport Road Development:

To better understand the designated areas and their exact locations I advise you to click on the thumbnail to the left, which is a map of all the designated zones. To better understand all the little details including the specifications of the towers and future roads will include bus lanes, bus stops and actual sidewalks, I would highly recommend that you read the HDMU pdf document ( presented by the Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, on February 18th 2007.

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It's only a futuristic vision except for Al-Abdali which is U/C, but at least the city is finally starting to plan and organize.

Hope to see that soon

nice! amman is really booming!
I cant see any of the pictures! :(
Looks like Amman is going to have a beautiful future! The buildings and the parks will mix well in the city. I'm sure Jordanians can't wait. :)
Amman is going to have such a great Skyline
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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