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Photodocumentary; Bosnia-Herzegovina

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“Aftermath: Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace” explores the human costs and consequences of war—not on the battlefield, but in its aftermath, which is where the painful work of true peace making begins. Even though Bosnia’s bitter war ended in 1995, the country is still deep in the throes of a struggle to rebuild a civil society – in the hope that the cycles of violence that have wreaked havoc in its past will not re-emerge to threaten the nation’s future.

Widows of Srebrenica
Exhumation and Identification
Refugee Returns
Hardline Areas
Youth of Sarajevo
More of Bosnia
Bosnia 2004

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It breaks my heart to see those pictures.
^ I think they're beautiful; color, composition, etc. The only thing I don't understand is the "Goldfish" photo. :D
very moving pictures, although they only show how muslims have sufferd ;) but seariously beautiful pictures! :D
^ She did show a few Serb-suffering-related pictures, but yeah - she really focused on Srebrenica and Visegrad.

But I swear I didn't sort through and select only certain photos, you can go to the site and check. :D Everything she took I posted, except some from Bosnia 2004 that I couldn't find the filename for! :)
Don't worry I have already been to that site several times before.. just i am too lazy to post these things! :D I know if you had seen pictures of Serbian suffering in BIH you would post it rite away! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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