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Sheridan and Irving Park (From Sheridan Redline Station) looking North(This stop is about at 3900 N and the tall black building up to the right, looks a little like Lake Point, is at 5200 or almost 1.75 miles away.

Looking East:


Down Sheridan/Sheffield, Wrigley down at Waveland:


Next to Gill Pool:

From in front of Gill towards NE:

Heading back from my swim at Gill to the Redline:

Hancock way in the background, the very well lite white top, just under the crane is at Briar and Lakeshore Drive:

Next Evening up at Bryn Mawr:
Looking W:

Looking S:

Looking S.E.:

Looking E (Lakeshore Drive is the rise in the back of the picture):

Looking NE:

One of my favorite buildings, green terra cotta:

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I think we could use more highrise developemtn in EW, RP etc...along the lake esp east of broadway, and halsted......but they would have to be quality highrises.....since there is a lot of super cooll architecture in these area
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