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All photos taken between 13-19 Feb 2006.

1. One of the seven 'Stalinist Gothic' skyscrapers build between 1953-1955.


3. Another of the gothic style skyscrapers.

4. The Historic Museum build in 1881 at the Red Square.

5. The Red Square with St.Basil's Cathedral, Kremlin and Lenin's Mausoleum.

6. One of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers.


8. One of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers.

9. One of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers.

10. One of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

11. In the background one of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers.

12. Old ladies selling clothes and other things on the street.



15. City centre apartments have spacious inner courts, with the entrances to the apartments, parking spaces, storage sheds, and a children's playing ground.

16. Monument for Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.

17. All metro stations have guards to watch the escalators which can be very crowded during rush hours, and they can stop ('cton') them in emergencies.


19. St.Basil's Cathedral.




23. One of the many residential flats ('commie-blocks').


25. Most small shops have a small window to tell the shopkeeper what you want to buy. The articles are displayed behind the windows.

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Great pics, I hope to see part 3. I myself fly to Moscow this Saturday, maybe will post something from my trip in May.
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