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All photos taken between 13-19 Feb 2006.

Moscow part 1
Moscow part 2

1. View from hotel balcony in the Vladykino district, the hotel was housed in an identical green/white flat ('commie-blocks').

2. Mobile butcher's shop.

3. Many flats use a wooden door with numerical code lock as entrance to the lift/stairs hall.

4. Two of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers in 'Stalinist Gothic' style, build between 1953-1955.

5. City centre.





10. Train station Kurskaya. Outside every metro station are public porto-toilets. One as 'room' for the attendant, the others for customers (€0,30/$0,36).

11. Train station Kurskaya. Many kiosks and street sellers outside the large station hall.

12. Roads don't have lines on the road surface to separate lanes.

13. Snow plough on the Red Square with Lenin's Mausoleum and the Kremlin behind.

14. You can find small fastfood kiosks outside each metro station.

15. The White House (mid-background), home of the Russian government.

16. St.Basil's Cathedral.

17. Metro station. Watch the low stairs over the track, connecting to another metro line.


Next photos: Otradnoye district in the northern part of Moscow.


20. Tell the shopkeeper of a kiosk what you want through the small window.




24. On the left a (yellow) minibus, mostly these Ford Transits follow the same routes as buses, but faster and with a higher ticket fare.


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