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All photos taken between 13-19 Feb 2006.

Moscow part 1
Moscow part 2
Moscow part 3

1. City centre with tram.



4. One of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers in 'Stalinist Gothic' style, build between 1953-1955. In the far distance another one.

5. ...the same skyscraper from an alley.

6. ...and from a street.

7. Prospekt Mira street.

8. A market in a sidestreet of Prospekt Mira.

9. View over Moscow from Sparrow Hills (Vorobevy Gory).

10. Smolensky Bulvar, street in the city centre with a 'Seven Sister' skyscraper in the background.


12. Clearing snowfall at -16C at metrostation Krasnopresnenskaya.

13. Minibus at trainstation Kievskaya, the Seven Sister 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs' in the background.

14. Clearing snowfall of a shop entrance, with view towards the Seven Sister 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs'.

15. NYPD in Moscow?

16. Metro, lighting in the halls of the traditional stations is mostly quite dim.

17. Metrostation Mendeleevskaya.

18. Shops and fast food kiosks around metrostation Tretyakovskaya in the city centre.

19. Inner court.

20. Ostankino tower, from this metrostration Vladykino it was a 10 minute walk to my hotel.

21. City centre with Kremlin in the distance.

22. Seven Sister 'Moscow State University'.

Next photos: Yasenevo district outside the city centre, in the southwest of Moscow.





27. Metro subway with all kinds of shops, watch out the slippery floor.

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Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

This is the best photo tour I have seen in a long, long time.

Thankyou for posting these pics - such a unique insight into one of the worlds most mysterious cities.

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