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All photos taken between 13-19 Feb 2006.

Moscow part 1
Moscow part 2
Moscow part 3
Moscow part 4

1. One of the 'Seven Sisters' skyscrapers in 'Stalinist Gothic' style, build between 1953-1955.

2. ...and another 'Seven Sister'.

3. ...and again another 'Seven sister'.

4. Side street of Prospekt Mira street. You can find apartments like these in the city centre.

5. In the innercourt of such apartment blocks, you often find a childrens playing ground, kindergarten, and garage or storage boxes of residents.

6. The entrance to the apartments is always at the innercourt side.

7. Metro station Marksistskaya with 'Seven Sister' in the background.


9. Buses, minibuses and shops around metro station Yugo-zapadnaya in a district outside the city centre.

10. The tower of the Seven Sister 'Moscow State University'.

11. Playing soccer/football at the 'Moscow State University'.

12. Snowy day with a 'Seven Sister' in the distance.

13. Passengers for minibus 69, behind the snowplough trucks you can see a 'Seven Sister'.

14. Market at trainstation Kievskaya, the Seven Sister 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs' in the background. On the right, each number is a small shop.

15. The White House of the Russian Cabinet. At the right the tower with the offices of the City Mayor, and a 'Seven Sister'.

16. An entrance to city centre apartments at the innercourt side.

17. The 120 metre high building of the Academy of Sciences.

18. St.Basil's Cathedral.

19. Kremlin and St.Basil's Cathedral, a Russian enjoying a can of alcohol.

20. Kitay-Gorod in the city centre.

21. Lubyanskaya Square with on the left the building of the Intelligence Service (former KGB). In the far distance a 'Seven Sister' skyscraper.

22. Tverskaya Ulitsa, a main shopping street with many exclusive shops.

23. City centre with 'Seven Sister'.

24. Detail of the ceiling of a metro station, 'pole vault'.


Next photos: Bibirevo district outside the city centre, in the north of Moscow.


27. One side of the entrance of the metro station...

28. ...and the other side.

29. Fast food kiosk with kebab and chicken.

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