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Images of cityscapes
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All photos taken between 16-22 Apr 2005.

1. Ginza shopping area.

2. Ginza shopping area in front of Mitsukoshi department store.

3. Shimbashi area.

4. Shimbashi area.

5. Shimbashi train station ticket machines.

6. Akasaka area.

7. Tokyo metro.

8. Pachinko gambling, a cross between a pinball machine and a slot machine.

9. Very professional looking official police 'wanted' poster.

10. View on Ikebukuro area from Sunshine 60 observatory.

11. Shinjuku area.

12. Tokyo urban train.

13. Store in 'electric city' Akihabara area.

14. View towards Shinjuku skyscrapers from Yebisu Garden Place Tower.

15. View towards Shinjuku skyscrapers from Tokyo Tower.

16. A guide explains things about Tokyo Tower to students on a school trip before they enter the tower.

17. Tokyo Tower.

18. View from Rainbow Bridge.

19. Tokyo Tower as seen from Roppongi area.

20. Part of the atrium of the Tokyo International Forum building.

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Awesome photos, I never get tired of Tokyo.... Everything is clean. Love it.

Thanks for sharing.

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