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All photos taken 31 May 2008.

The Berge Stahl is the largest bulk carrier of the world. The ship has a length of 343 meters (1122ft), is 65 meters (208ft) wide and sails continuously between Brasil and Rotterdam to transport iron ore to Europe. We travelled with a new public transport ferry line serving the remote port area of Rotterdam. A single trip takes about 25 minutes and a return ticket is €5 ($8).

1. Our ferry boat and in the distance the Berge Stahl seen from Hoek van Holland harbour. Next month this ferry boat is replaced with a faster and much bigger one.

2. Berge Stahl unloading in the Port of Rotterdam.

3. Colour difference on the hull shows that the draft has decreased with one day in port unloading.

4. The entrance of the Port of Rotterdam at Hoek van Holland.

5. A container ship is just leaving.

6. It is the Maersk Kingston (build 2003, 304 meters length, 40 meters wide, 6252 TEU). Not a super large ship, but not a small one either.

7. Tug boats turn the ship.

8. The Cosco Europe (build 2008, 337 meters length, 46 meters wide, 10062 TEU).

9. A tug boat pulls out a ship from the submersed loading deck of a dock ship.

10. The Tor Line ferry carries truck trailers.

11. Looking from the ferry stop towards the ECT Euromax container terminal under construction.

12. The dock ship of photo #9 has unloaded. We now look at the back of the ship into the loading deck. Its hull, loading deck and whatever it transports is above waterline when sailing. The dock ship is already coming up but the loading deck is still some 10 meters below waterline.

15. Again the Cosco Europe.


17. Berge Stahl.

18. The former light green coloured compartments above the hull have recently been painted white.



21. Our ferry boat approaches Hoek van Holland harbour.

22. Stena Line ferries connect Hoek van Holland and Harwich/UK.

23. Yellow pilot ships also use the Hoek van Holland harbour.

24. The new catamaran of the pilots can cope with stormy seas.
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